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How to Prevent Cat Cold?

The best way to prevent your cat cold is by keeping it away from cold causing agents. If your cat is already affected with cold, then it is very important to prevent recurrence of colds. The infective agents inducing cat colds are extremely contagious and easily transmittable; even then you can prevent cat colds successfully with proper care.

 The cat cold virus is transmitted through wet sneezes, coughs, caretaker and even through toys. The other easy way is if one of your cats has cold then it will transfer very quickly to other cats in your home. Vaccines for cat’s cold are only partly efficacious and treatments are helpful to prevent the secondary symptoms. Furthermore, few viruses are immune to antiseptics, so prevention is the best medicine for cold.

 Enough ventilation, avoiding crowds, and stress control is absolutely essential to prevent cat colds. The other important preventive measure is to increase the immune power in your kitty cats. Lack of immunity will lead to frequent infection of cold. To boost your cat’s immunity just avoid commercial grubs, and feed your cats with natural foods.   



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